5 Minute Rat Antibody Isotyping Kit, 5pk

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5 Minute Rat Antibody Isotyping Kit, 5pk

Product Name: 5 Minute Rat Antibody Isotyping Kit, 5 Pack

Catalogue No.: 113103

Description: 5 Minute rat antibody isotyping kit is rapid (less than 5 minutes), method for determining the isotype of rat antibody in a sample. It includes the determination of heavy chains isotypes (IgG, IgM), IgG subclasses (IgG1, IgG2a, and IgG2b), & light chain isotypes (kappa and lambda). This is based on lateral flow and is very sensitive to nanogram levels in a sample.

Format: Provided as a ready to use device. With 5 kit per pack.

Sensitivity: Minimum detectable concentration is 100ng/mL of sample

Uses: Can be used for determination of isotype of a monoclonal antibody in culture supernatant or in a purified sample. Ascites fluid is not recommended because it may contain multiple isotype from the animal. However it can determine relative amount of different isotypes.

Assay Principle: When sample containing mouse immunoglobulin of specific isotype is added to the sample well, they form complex will class or subclass specific goat anti-mouse IgG labeled with gold in the well. The complexes then migrate along the length of the membrane by capillary action and are captured and resolved at different spots on the membrane where impregnated with isotype and subclass specific antibodies.

Sample Preparation: Culture supernatant dilute 1:100 in PBS. Purified antibodies dilute to 0.1 to 1ug/mL in PBS.

Storage: Store at room temperature until use. Do not freeze.

Stability: Stable for 18 months if stored as recommended.

Shipping: Products will be shipped at room temperature.