Anti-CD77 Antibody

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Anti-CD77 Antibody

Product Name: Anti-CD77 Antibody

Catalogue No.: 164516

Alternate Names: Globotriaosylceramide, Globoside, Gb3, Ceramide trihexoside.

Description: Globotriaosylceramide is a globoside. It is one of the few clusters of differentiation
that is not a protein. It is formed by the alpha linkage of galactose to lactosylceramide catalyzed by A4GALT. Defects in the enzyme alpha-galactosidase lead to the buildup of globotriaosylceramide, causing Fabry’s disease. Globotriaosylceramide is also one of the targets of Shiga toxin, which is responsible for pathogenicity of enterohemorrhagic E. coli.

Immunogen: CD77 linked to carrier.

Host: Rat.

Clonality: Polyclonal IgG.

Specificity: Universal. Cross reactivity not tested.

Concentration: 1.2mg/mL IgG.

Purity: CD77 affinity purified rat IgG to >95% (by SDS PAGE).

Format: Provided as a sterile filtered solution in PBS, pH 7.2. No other additives.

Uses: Competitive ELISA, WB. Not tested for other uses.

Storage: Store at 4oC in fridge a for short term use. Aliquot and store at -20oC or -80oC for long term storage. Avoid repeated freeze thaw cycles.

Shipping: Antibody is shipped on ice pack at ambient temperature.