Anti Mouse IFIT-2 Antibody [G7]

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Anti Mouse IFIT-2 Antibody [G7]

Product: Anti Mouse IFIT2 Monoclonal Antibody

Catalog No.: 831002

Alternate Names: Interferon-Induced Protein With Tetratricopeptide Repeats -2; IFIT2, IFIT, Interferon
Induced 54 kDA protein, IFI54, interferon alpha inducible protein, IFIT-2, p54, ISG54

Description: IFIT-2 is an Interferon-induced antiviral RNA-binding protein that specifically binds single-stranded RNA bearing a 5'-triphosphate group (PPP-RNA), thereby acting as a sensor of viral single-stranded RNAs and inhibiting expression of viral messenger RNAs. Single-stranded PPP-RNAs, which lack 2'-O-methylation of the 5' cap and bear
a 5'-triphosphate group instead, are specific from viruses, providing a molecular signature to distinguish between self and non-self mRNAs by the host during viral infection. Directly binds PPP-RNA in a non-sequence-specific manner. Exhibits antiviral activity against several viruses including human papilloma and hepatitis C viruses

Immunogen: Mouse IFIT-2 protein

Clone ID: G7

Host: Mouse

Clonality: Monoclonal

Isotype: IgG2a, k

Specificity: Mouse IFIT-2, other species not tested

Concentration: >1mg/mL IgG.

Purity: Affinity purified mouse IgG to >95% (by SDS PAGE).

Format: Provided as a sterile filtered solution in PBS, pH 7.2. No other additives.

Applications: FACS. Not tested for other uses.

Storage: Store at 4oC in fridge a for short term use. Aliquot and store at -20oC or -80oC for long term storage. Avoid repeated freeze thaw cycles.

Shipping: Antibody is shipped on ice pack at ambient temperature.