aSMART™ IHC Blocking Reagent

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Product Name: aSMART IHC Blocking Reagent, Ready to Use

Catalog No.: 113054

Alternate Names: IHC Blocker, ELISA blocking solution, Western blocking solution, WB blocking

Description: ARC IHC Blocker is a specially designed product for use with IHC, ELISA and or Western Blots. This product is shown to greatly reduce or eliminate background reactions, resulting in super clean background. This product is provided as easy and ready to use sterile solution, with only 30 minute incubation period.

Kit components: Blocking Reagent, ready to use and sterile filtered

Type: Reagent

Format: Provided as a ready to use sterile filtered solution

Uses: Recommended for use in Immuno histochemistry (IHC), and immune fluorescence (IF), ELISA and Wester Blots. Formalin Fixed. Paraffin Embedded Section, Frozen tissue and cell culture preparations

Storage: Store the product in refrigerator 4°C

Stability: Stable for use until the recommended period before expiry