Anti Ceramide Antibody, Mab

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Product Name: Anti Ceramide Monoclonal Antibody

Catalogue No.: 111583

Alternate Names: Ceramide

Description: Ceramide is an endogenous lipid component of a novel biochemical pathway termed the sphingomyelin pathway. Ceramide is generated by hydrolysis of membrane sphingomyelin by a unique magnesium independent, neutral, cytosolic sphingomyelinase. Ceramide is generated in response to cellular stimulation by hormones, cytokines and antigens. Mechanisms for ceramide action involve regulation of protein phosphorylation via stimulation of a serine/threonine protein phosphatase, a proline-directed kinase and possibly other direct and/or indirect targets. Ceramide metabolites such as sphingosine and sphingosine-1-phosphate have potent biological activities of their own. Ceramide appears to have a role in mediating biological responses in a wide variety of cell types. Ceramide is emerging as an intracellular messenger than mediates effects on terminal differentiation and cell proliferation as well as apoptosis or cell death and cell-cycle arrest.

Immunogen: Ceramide conjugated to carrier

Host: Mouse

Clonality Monoclonal

Isotype: IgG1 kappa

Concentration: >1mg/mL

Specificity: Ceramide. Not tested for other species or cross reactivity.

Purity: Affinity purified total mouse IgG to >95% (by SDS PAGE).

Format: Provided as a sterile filtered solution in PBS, pH 7.2. No additives, preservatives or stabilizers used.

Uses (Verified): ELISA. WB. IHC. Other uses not tested

Storage: Store at 4°C in fridge a for short term use. Aliquot and store at -20°C or -80°C for long term storage. Avoid repeated freeze thaw cycles.

Stability: 24 months at -20°C.

Shipping: Antibody is shipped on ice pack at ambient temperature.