Camelid Alpaca Single Domain VHH Antibody (SdAb)

Camelid Alpaca Single Domain VHH Antibody (SdAb)

Antibody Research Corporation is now offering custom Camelid polyclonal antibody development services in Alpaca. The alpaca is a member of the camelidae family that also includes llamas and camels. In additional to conventional IgG, these animals produce a functional single chained antibody that is capable of antigen binding sometimes referred to as VHH antibodies. These antibodies consist of only heavy chains and lack the light chains and functional CH1 and CH4 domains. These so-called heavy chain antibodies are being used to develop single domain antibodies. The single domain nature of these antibodies provide unique advantageous which set them apart for biotechnological applications. Some of these advantages include, a) stability at high temperatures and pH, b) VHHs can recognize antigenic sites that are normally not recognized by conventional antibodies, c) their small molecular size helps with rapid tissue penetration and labeling applications including crossing blood-brain barrier, d) cheaper alternative for large scale production.





 Alpaca Camelid Polyclonal Antibody

13-14 weeks


 Alpaca Camelid Single Domain Polyclonal Antibody (VHH)

14-16 weeks


 Alpaca Camelid Hyper immune B cells & Antibody

14-16 weeks


 Alpaca Camelid Naïve / Hyper immune cDNA library

14-16 weeks


 Alpaca Recombinant Single Domain Fab Antibody (VHH)

10-12 weeks


 Humanized Camelid Alpaca Single domain (SdAb)    

 ScFv antibody with Phage Display Library (VHH cloning)

16-20 weeks


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