Monoclonal Antibody and Hybridoma Development Services

One of our core competency and expertise is in development of new hybridoma monoclonal antibody. Our key personals have over 25 years of expertise in this area, making many monoclonal antibodies over the years. We are so confident about our expertise and success rate that we guarantee our services with guaranteed clones. The table below gives an outlines of services. Please review the information below and contact us for a specific quote.

Monoclonal Antibody Hybridoma Development Services:





 Mouse Hybridoma and Monoclonal

14-16 weeks


 Rat Hybridoma and Monoclonal

14-16 weeks


 Hamster Hybridoma and Monoclonal

14-16 weeks


 a - 8 week accelerated Protocol

 b - phospho-peptide Specific Mab

 c - with your immunogen standard

 d - with Peptide Design & Synthesis

 e - with Transfected Cells Immunization

 f - with Small Molecule Conjugation

 g - With DNA (Genetic) Immunization

8-10 weeks

16-20 weeks

14-16 weeks

16-18 weeks

16-18 weeks

16-18 weeks

14-20 weeks


Custom Services:

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