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We offer custom monoclonal antibody and hybridoma development, polyclonal antibody development, recombinant antibody services, ELISA development, gene cloning, protein expression and more. Please see our custom antibody and protein services below and if you have any questions please contact us at 636-734-0192

Custom Antibody and Protein Services:

Monoclonal Antibody & Hybridoma Development Services

Polyclonal Antibody Development Services

Assay Development Services

Antibody & Protein Characterization Services

Antibody & Protein Production Services

Antibody & Protein Purification Services

Antibody Fragmentation Services

Antibody Isotyping Services

Camelid Alpaca Single Domain VHH Antibody (SdAb)

Cell Line Engineering & Recombinant Cell Line Services

Cell Line Testing & Certification Services 

Conjugation & Labeling Services

Gene Cloning & Protein Expression Services

Hybridoma & Cell Lines Rescue Services 

Immune Response Assays

Peptide & Small Molecule Services

ScFv Cloning and Recombinant Antibody Services 

Stable Heavy Isotope Labeling Non Radioactive (SILAC)



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