Cell Culture Services

Cell culture services include hybridoma rescue, cell lines rescue, cell line testing, certification, cell line engineering and recombinant cell line services. We offer custom and cost effective cell culture services.

Hybridoma & Cell Lines Rescue Services : 

Culture Rescue, viability and productivity | Certified Working Cell Stock (CWCS) | Preparation of Master Cell Bank (MCB) | Preparation of Working Cell Stock (WCS) | Mycoplasma Decontamination of Culture

Cell Line Testing & Certification Services

MAP Testing, 28 pathogens | Productivity Testing of Culture | Clonality Determination of Culture | Endotoxin Testing | Mycoplasma Testing of Culture

Cell Line Engineering & Recombinant Cell Line Services

Transient Recombinant Cell Lines | Permanent Recombinant Cell Lines | Subcloning of a Cell Line & Screening | Media Testing Best Serum & Protein Free Media of 24 | Storage of a Frozen Vial in Liquid Nitrogen for 1 year