HaCaT cell line (human keratinocytes)

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HaCaT cell line (human keratinocytes)

Product Name: HaCaT Cell line

Catalogue No.: 116027

Description: HaCat is a transformed human keratinocyte cell line from adult human skin. This cell line is widely used research.

We have this cell line available in frozen format for cell culture or protein extract for western blot applications.

Amount: 5e6 cells per vial per ml in freezing media.

Organism: Human

Tissue: Keratinocytes

Phenotype: Adherent

Format: Provided as a frozen vial of cells containing 5000,000 cells/vial/mL in freezing media.

Growth Media: DMEM with 10% FCS or similar.

Storage: Up on receipt it recommended to transfer vial immediately to liquid Nitrogen for storage. Or thaw vial as per standard cell culture procedure and initiated into a cell culture in T25 flask or similar.

Do not store at -80◦C freezer.

Shipping: Products may be shipped on dry ice.
On special request actively growing cells in T25 flask may be shipped at room temperature (additional cost may apply).