HyMax™ SF Hybridoma Fusion & Cloning Supplement Serum Free 20x

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Product Name: HyMAX™-SF Hybridoma Fusion and Growth Supplement Serum Free, 20X

Catalogue No.: 113005

Description: ARC HyMax™-SF Hyrbidoma Fusion and Growth media is a proprietary blend of conditioned media containing various cytokines, growth factors & hormones. It is formulated to replace feeder cells during hybridoma development. HyMax™-SF is similar to HyMax™ but is prepared serum free and compatible with using other serum free media. Feeder cells are routinely used during plating of cells after fusion. Typically feeder cells provide many unknown growth factors to the newly developing clones. From our many years of experience with hybridoma development we have formulated this conditioned media that support better growth & higher frequency of clone development.

Format: 20x concentrate, 100mL. Enough to make 2 liters of working media.

Storage: Store at –20 until use. Add to regular media at 5% and use within a month.

Stability: 12 months at –20 C temperature. Once thawed use within 30 days or aliquot and store as needed. Do not freeze thaw repeatedly.

Shipping: Products will be shipped on ice pack.