Ferret Liver Tissue Snap Frozen

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Ferret Liver Tissue Snap Frozen

Product: Ferret Liver Tissue Snap Frozen

Catalog No.: 115030

Description: Avoid the trouble of preparing tissues in your laboratory for either molecular biology or protein work. We provide these at low cost and ready to use. The tissues are fresh snap frozen suitable for use in many molecular biology applications and protein work. We also offer protein extracts of many cell lines and tissues, Check our catalog.

Amount: 100 ug of ferret liver tissue.

Source: Eight-week-old female ferret.

Format: Provided as a fresh snap frozen.

Uses: Recommended for use in IHC, RNA preparation, protein extract preparation or other molecular biology applications. Other uses are not verified.

Storage: Upon receipt transfer to -80°C storage or into Liquid N2 for storage or proceed with downstream processing immediately. Expected to last for 12 months if stored at -80°C without disturbance. Avoid freeze thaw cycles.

Shipping: Products may be shipped on dry ice.