HuH-7 Cell Line (Human)

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HuH-7 Cell Line (Human)

Product Name: Human Huh-7 Cell Line

Catalogue No.: 116039

Description: The HuH-7 cell line was established in 1982 from a well differentiated hepatocyte derived cellular carcinoma cell line that was originally taken from a liver tumor in a 57-year-old Japanese male. Huh-7 is highly susceptible to the hepatitis C virus (HCV), and it is often used as a model to investigate hepatoma and HCV. Huh7 can be used for an HCV replicon system, which allows for an in vitro production of infectious HCV particles and development of drugs that combat HCV.

Type: Human Hepatocellular Carcinoma cell line

Source: Human liver tissue

Amount: 1e6 cells/vial in a frozen vial or about 5x 1e6 cells in a T25 flask.

Format: Provided as a frozen vial in our freeze media or as actively growing culture in a T25 flask.

Morphology: Epithelial

Growth Mode: Adherent monolayer

Growth Media: DMEM with 5%-10% Fetal Calf Serum. Incubate in 5% CO2; at 37°C.

Subculture: Split culture using 0.25% Trypsin when about 80% confluent and re-seed at about 4000 cells per cm2.

Uses: For virus titration, generation of recombinant cell lines and protein production.
For laboratory research use only.

Storage: Store frozen vials in liquid nitrogen at -196˚C. Do not store at -80˚C freezer.

Shipping: Products may be shipped on dry ice if frozen.
On special request actively growing cells in T25 flask may be shipped at room temperature (additional cost may apply).