MycoLytix Mycopalsma Inhibitor Solution 1000x

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MycoLytix Mycopalsma Inhibitor Solution 1000x

Product Name: MycoLytix Mycoplasma Inhibitor Solution, 1000x

Catalogue No.: 113015

Description: MycoLytix is a mixture of antibiotics solution, cell culture tested and ready to use with any standard cell culture media. Compatible with most commonly used cell lines.

Format: Provided as ready to use sterile solution at 1000x concentration.

Amount: 25 mL ready to use solution.

Usage: Add 1.0ml this 1000x solution to a liter of working cell culture media. Use prepared working media within a month. Dilution to be used may have to be tested for some cell lines. Try different dilutions, such as 0.5x, 1x, 2x and 4x. Use MycoLytics without other antibiotics in the media. Maintain cell densities and subculture 4 times and test again.

Storage: Store 2°C – 8°C in refrigerator.

Stability: Stable for 6 months if stored as recommended.

Safety: This product is safe to use at the concentration provided. No special protective equipment needed other than for standard cell culture. Refer to safety data sheet for more information.

Shipping: Products will be shipped on blue ice pack at ambient temperature.