Raji Cell Line (Human Burkitt's lymphoma)

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Raji Cell Line (Human Burkitt's lymphoma)

Product: Raji Cell Line (Human Burkitt's lymphoma)

Catalog No.: 116020

Description: Raji cells are a line of lymphoblast-like cells established by R.J.V.Pulvertaft in 1963 from Burkitt's lymphoma. These cells are widely used in immunology research due to their high expression of human CD19, which acts as a co-receptor and decreases the threshold for antigen B-cell receptor (BCR) stimulation.

Amount: 5e6 cells per mL per vial in our standard freezing media (Item # 113094 HyFreeze™, 2x Freezing Media ARC). If an actively growing culture is chosen, expect 3x 1e6 to 5x 1e6 cells in a T25 flask culture.

Organism: Human

Tissue Type: Burkitt’s Lymphoma

Phenotype: Adherent when grown in serum containing media.

Format: Provided as a frozen vial of cells containing 5,000,000 cells/mL/vial in freezing media. May be provided as an actively growing culture in a T25 flask on request (additional cost may apply).

QC Tests: Tested and certified mycoplasma free. No other tests done.

Growth Media: DMEM with 10% fetal calf serum or similar. Incubate in 5% to 7% CO2; at 37°C.

Subculture: Split culture when about 80% confluent and re-seed at about 4000 cells per cm2.

Storage: Upon receipt it recommended to transfer the vial immediately to liquid Nitrogen for storage. Or thaw vial as per standard cell culture procedure and initiated into a cell culture in T25 flask or similar (see below protocol).Do not store frozen vials in the -80°C freezer.

Shipping: Products may be shipped on dry ice (additional handling and shipping cost applies). On special request, actively growing cells in T25 flasks may be shipped at ambient temperature (additional cost may apply to prepare flask culture).