HEK-MMP7 Cell Line

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HEK-MMP7 Cell Line

Product: HEK-MMP7 Cell Line (expressing MMP7)

Catalog No.: 116092

Description: HEK293 cells are permanently transformed with MMP7 expressing plasmid.  This cell line over-expresses and secrete MMP7.

Amount: 2 x 10e6 cells per vial per ml in freezing media. If flask culture expects 2e6 to 3e6 cells at 50% confluency.

Cell Line Type: Human epithelial from embryonic kidney.

Phenotype: Adherent, if grown in standard culture media containing serum.

Format: Provided as a frozen vial of cells containing about 2000,000 cells/vial/mL in freezing media. Freezing media contains 10% DMSO and 40% FCS and 50% DMEM. If a flask culture expects to be 50% confluent with DMEM media with 10% fetal calf serum.

Growth Media: DMEM with 10% FCS or similar media.

Storage: Upon receipt it recommended to transfer frozen vial immediately to liquid Nitrogen for storage. Or thaw vial as per standard cell culture procedure and initiated into a cell culture in T25 flask or similar. If flask culture transfer to CO2 incubator for continued culturing after removing excess media. Do not store frozen vials in the -80°C freezer.

Shipping: Products may be shipped on dry ice if frozen vial. On special request, actively growing cells in T25 flask may be shipped at room temperature (additional cost may apply).