HEK-TADG12 Cell Line Lysate (expressing TADG12)

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HEK-TADG12 Cell Line Lysate (expressing TADG12)

Product: HEK-TADG12 Cell Line Lysate (expressing TADG12)

Catalog No.: 114095

Description: Avoid the trouble of preparing cell line protein extract in your laboratory. We provide these at low cost and ready to use. Our protein extracts are prepared suitable for use in SDS-PAGE or Western blot analysis. Extracts available from many different cell types and species, Check our catalog.

Amount: 0.5 mg of total protein derived from the cell line.

Concentration: 5mg/ml.

Format: Provided as a protein extract in 0.05M Tris-HCl, pH 6.8 buffer.

Uses: Recommended for use in SDS PAGE and western blot applications. Other uses are not verified. It is recommended to use 2uL of sample containing 10 ug protein per lane of SDS PAGE. One vial of extract provided is good for 50 lane runs.

Storage: On receipt it recommended aliquot appropriately into smaller amounts for storage. Do not dilute during storage, but only before use. For short term use, store in the refrigerator at 4°C for up to a week. For long term, should be stored desiccated below -18°C. Avoid repeated freeze and thaw cycles, which may lead to degradation of protein with less defined bands on gel. Expected to last for 12 months if stored at -80°C without disturbance.

Shipping: Products may be shipped on blue ice packs.