HybriGrowth™ Hybridoma Growth Supplement 10x

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HybriGrowth™ Hybridoma Growth Supplement 10x

Product Name: HybriGrowth™ Hybridoma Growth Supplement, 10X

Catalog No.: 113006

Alternate Names: HGS, Hybridoma Supplement, Hybridoma Cloning Factor, HCF, Hybridoma Cloning Supplement, HCS

Description: HybriGROWTH™ Hybridoma Growth Supplement is intended for growth and culturing of hybridomas and B-cells. It is made from a proprietary blend of conditioned media and additives containing various cytokines, growth factors, vitamins & hormones. It is especially formulated for low density or single cell cloning of hybridoma cultures. It can also be used for growth and recovery of frozen cells from liquid nitrogen. Routine culturing of hybridomas with media containing HybriGrowth are found consistently giving robust growth productivity.

HybriGrowth™ is a developed as a cheaper alternative to HyMax™ and can be used during culturing and growth of hybridomas and B-cells. Please note, however it is not recommended during the initial fusion and selection of hybridomas (See HyMax™ Hybridoma Fusion and Cloning Supplement (Item#113004) information). From our many years of experience with hybridoma development we have formulated this supplement that support better growth of antibody producing clones.

Usage: Add 10mL of HybriGROWTH™ to 90mL of your working media currently used for culturing cells (such as RPMI or DMEM). You may also add antibiotics and serum as you would normally add to your culture media.

Format: Provided as a sterile filtered, tissue culture tested, 10x concentrate ready to use
solution. Always prepared fresh with in 30 days, never frozen before shipping to customer. Each 100mL bottle is enough to make one liter of working media.

Storage: It is recommended to store at 4°C - 8°C in refrigerator until use within 6 months. It
can be made into aliquots and frozen stored at -20°C - 80°C for long term to use within a 12-month period. Avoid repeated freezing and thawing, which may cause activity loss. Slight precipitation may also appear upon freezing and thawing which is normal.

Stability: 6 months when stored at 4°C - 8°C or 12 months when stored frozen.

Shipping: Shipped in liquid form on blue ice packs.