BathCide™ Water Bath / Incubator Treatment 1000x, 100mL

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BathCide™ Water Bath / Incubator Treatment 1000x, 100mL

Product Name: BathCide™ Water Bath / Incubator Treatment, 1000x

Catalogue No.: 113001

Description: BathCide™ Water Bath / Incubator Treatment prevents microbial growth, including fungi, bacteria and alga, in water bath, when used at recommended dilution. We have formulated this based on our experience and which we routinely use in our laboratory. We want to offer this to everyone else at reasonable cost to them. This product is tested safe to use in laboratory water baths and incubators for cell cultures.

Format: Provided as 1000x concentrated solution, 100mL ready to use solution.

Uses: Use at 1mL of BathCide™ per liter of water in your water bath. We recommend using filtered or double distilled water in water bath. Change water in the bath once a month. BathCide™ works well in a range of temperatures from 4̊°C to 65°C. Higher temperatures not tested.

Storage: Store at room temperature.

Stability: Stable for 1 year at room temperature as concentrate provided.

Safety: This product is safe to use at the concentration provided. No special protective equipment needed. Refer to safety data sheet for more information.

Shipping: Products will be shipped at ambient temperature.